Sound Art Installations

City Centre Sound Installation ‘Reading The Water’

Reading the Water newly-commissioned for Sonophilia Festival and created by Brighton-based artist Julian Weaver, delves into Lincoln’s innermost places; the waterways, wells and pools that intimately interact with the city and its people. Deep under Lincoln and just below the surface, waters ebb and flow carrying all manner of histories, bodies, floods…

Specially commissioned for the Sonophilia festival, this new soundwork brings their stories, past and present, to the surface. Playing across multiple speakers at the ancient intersection of the Fosse Way and River Witham, Reading the Water is comprised of field recordings, texts and conversations, facts and fictions saturated with Lincoln’s past and present.

Reading the Water reaches the city by way of the wind-shorn river crossing at Segelocum, the nemeton at Nettleham and the underground springs supplying the city reservoir through ancient aqueducts. Running down through the old town, it finds blind wells and sewers, ill-remembered controversies and intolerances. At the High Bridge, site of the old dock and water conduit, it divides to follow wild and human life along and into the sluices, drains, canals & the engineered landscape beyond.

Julian Weaver

Headphone Installation Trail

Sonophilia’s headphone installations are returning, with more venues joining the line-up to host these popular listening posts around Lincoln’s heart, including cafes, coffee-shops, The Central Library and the Drill Halls public lavatories. All of these places will come alive with Sonophillic joy as Sonophilia presents work from a selection of renowned artists, working in stereo, making widely diverse work from Advice For Life to powerful sound pictures.

Café Portico: ‘Hello Wendy’ by Sam Willis

Lincoln Drill Hall loos:  ‘Bazalgette’ by Chrissie Caulfield

Bar Unico:  ‘The Answer Is IN The Question’ by Guillaume Vandame

Stokes High Bridge Cafe: ‘Portrait’ by Caspar Below

Stokes at The Collection: ‘Balancing Act’ by Peter Barnard

The Angel Coffeehouse: ‘Catford’ by Robert Wilson

Coffee Aroma: ‘Peckham FM’ by Caspar Below

Lincoln Central Library: ‘Atropos’ by Julian Scordato

Shanti Cafe: ‘Advice on Life’ by Caspar Below

The Greenhouse Cafe: ‘Snowbird Lizard’ by Andy Slater

See Map of the Trail

Silent Spaces

UK artist Janis Bowley has created Silent Spaces for Lincoln to be launched during Sonophilia. The project is a listening experiment offering visitors a self-guided tour of some of Lincoln’s acoustically interesting ‘silent’ spaces, encouraging them to explore and enjoy the sites sonically and discover corners of Lincoln they may not have experienced before.

Created to expand our cultural ideas of silence, Bowley selected a dozen sites throughout the Lincoln city centre. It’s a chance to find spaces where silence is not always an ‘absence of sound’, where we pause and discover the silence waiting there, or that evoke the past and future while anchoring us in the present moment. Bowley has given the sites different designations and asks what would you hear at Silence Under an Open Sky … or Silence in Carved Stone?

This project follows Bowley’s 1997 Australian work, ‘Sydney Silent Places’, and is inspired by ‘The Nerima Silent Places Contest’ in Tokyo, Japan in 1990.


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