Sunday 2nd October


The Angel Coffeehouse 2pm


Go to the AmpMe site with links to download the app here

Be part of this crowd sourced PA experience.  This is the new candle in the air moment but it doesn’t have to be slow and sedate!  Hold up your phone and join the throng as we pump out tunes from our phones.  All you need to do is download the Ampme app to your i-phone or android.  This is the first of it’s kind in collaborative projection of shared sounds.  Tell your friends, bring your Mum anyone who has a phone and we may even be able to attempt a World Record??



CSMA ‘Electromatronic’

St Nicholas Church 8pm



CSMA is Chrissie Caulfield and Stuart Russell, both experienced composers in electroacoustic and other forms of music, formed to develop new musical approaches that technology offers. Not just confined to laptops, CSMA use hardware synths, both analogue and digital, sequencers and self-developed effects & software to create intricate rhythms and complex loops of shimmering, sometimes dark, sometimes light soundscapes. Once described as “Tangerine Dream without the boring bits” they have two albums out on Manchester-based Altitude Records.

Although based in Yorkshire, both Stuart and Chrissie have individually played several Lincoln events in the past and Chrissie has sessioned and toured with Lincolnshire-based progressive rock band Crippled Black Phoenix. CSMA also headline the Electromatronic series of tours that are intended to showcase a range of genre-eclectic and gender-inclusive electronic music



The Magna Carta 8pm

Bring your instrument, your voice, your hands, your ears and join in the raucous and ever popular Jam Night in the heart of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter.

Fine ale on tap to keep those voice boxes lubricated and good food served until 4pm on a Sunday.

!Don’t forget! The Sound Art Installations are running throughout the Festival