Tuesday 4th October


St Mary Le Wigford Church

Approx 7pm – 9.30pm This is a free event!!!

Extra Sonic Practice (ESP) are a group of scholars and artists from the University of Lincoln who work with sound in multiple contexts and configurations. Playfully and knowingly (re)appropriating the abbreviation from its origin – Extra Sensory Perception – ESP is a response to the growing prevalence of sound within various disciplinary contexts.

Join us at St Mary Le Wigford Church for an evening of sound-based performance, hosted by the University of Lincoln’s extra-sonic practice research group.

Gruinard Ensemble – live improvisation & drone.

Rebecca Lee with Samuel Rodgers –  a delicate live performance with flute and electronics.

Emily Wilczek presents ‘Ear Gongs’ – audience interactive sounding of the church

Linda Kemp and Marie Thompson – live improvisation

!Don’t forget! The Sound Art Installations are running throughout the Festival