Thursday 6th October

Sonophilia Conference 2016 Day 1

ALIVE Church  9.30am – 4pm  This is a FREE event!!!

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Join us for the first day of the Sonophilia Conference – #SonCon16 – as
we celebrate National Poetry Day with a host of talks and workshops
designed for KS4&5 students that will complement the national curriculum
for music and English. While it’s designed for young people the event is
open to everyone.

The day will open with a talk by renowned Lincolnshire musician Elliott
Morris, who will then lead a workshop session devoted to composition and
performance. The morning workshop team is joined by  nationally and
internationally acclaimed soul-fusion singer/songwriter Lumi HD offering
a workshop on co-writing, Justine Taylor give you a chance to become a
body choir where you’re the instrument and Coventry University lecturer
Tommy Loose offers you a chance to explore the psychology of

We’ll then be joined by critically acclaimed performance poet Jemima
Foxtrot as she talks about her own unique brand of poetry and how to
make a living through writing. Local poetry veteran Steve Cawte then
joins us and takes us on a journey through the evolution of poetic
concepts from Shakespeare to grime music.

Our keynote speaker, acclaimed storyteller Michael Harvey, will take a
look at storytelling in the 21st century. Michael will then lead a
workshop sessions on storytelling skills. The afternoon workshop team is
joined by critically acclaimed performance poet Jemima Foxtrot to
explore how music and song can inspire poetry, Steve Cawte delves in to
instant poetry and Lincoln based arts company Art Isn’t Sexy look at
being esoteric.

*The line-up for the conference  may change and/or be expanded.

Bards in the Bar

The Rogue Saint

5.30pm – 7pm  This is a Free Event!!!

As part of National Poetry Day 2016, for which the theme is “messages”,
we will explore what happens when you take speed dating and mash it
together with spoken word performances? Come join us at The Rogue Saint
for a fast paced evening of spoken word at your table as we explore and
expand on “sound”. Simply turn up: grab a drink, take a seat and listen
for the bell! Every time you hear it a performer will arrive at your
table. Come join us a free evening of mixed messages!

Featuring performances by Gemma Baker, Mouth Piece Poets & Jemima

Weird Garden   weird garden poster

Decimal Place, 10 Burton Road

6pm – 10pm  This is a Free Event!!!

A ‘Weird Garden’ evening of live original sound art.

This is a special Weird Garden as part of Sonophilia 2016, Lincoln’s Festival of Sound & Music.

The Weird Garden concept was thought up by Dex who set up the venue and plays under the stage name Tape Noise. “I put the nights on to promote the Noise scene and give folk a chance to play, Decimal Place is a part of ‘The $ell’ story – hence the idea of Weird Garden, non-commercial plants and flora! That’s why the nights are free entry!



Croglin Scream are Dick Sputnick & Scott Bradley from Nottingham. Dick performs live percussion through effects & Scott electronica to create powerful expanses of ingenious, improvised sounds. The name ‘Croglin Scream’ derives from vampire legend.


Transgalactic Levitators is Ralph Spencer from Lincoln. He creates shimmering, effect-laden keyboard instrumentals, hinting at Eighties film & TV scores, yet also looking into the depths of the sonic cosmos, with a wide range of inspiration including Tangerine Dream.


Dave C is from Lincoln. In his spare time he makes interesting light & sound devices. His device for this Weird Garden consists of 4 speakers placed around the room emitting notes at adjustable frequencies & volumes, exploring the effects when notes are of such a frequency that they create the ‘beats’ of nearly-matched peaks & troughs of the wave pattern. Included is an oscilloscope & the display on this is to be projected live, so it will be a fascinating audio-visual show with quadrophonic sound.


Laugh Motel is Dominic Carlsson from Lincoln. Dominic uses Casio keyboards, a loop pedal & other gizmos to create music that shows the influence of 80s synth pop, yet having its own unique, quirky style.


Tape Noise Dex is from near Lincoln. He uses synth, flute, guitar, vocals, tapes & more, to create spoken word & sounds exploring themes of economy & society & environment, & beyond these to more abstract atmospheres, emanating from his sonic novel The $ell & other works.


Experimental Sonic Machines is Peter K Rollings from Lincoln. He makes most his equipment from scrap materials & some are solar powered. He starts the evening with an outdoor jam near Decimal Place 6-7pm.



!Don’t forget! The Sound Art Installations are running throughout the Festival